Providing Spiritual Assistance and hope to seafarers


2021 Conventions this year are planned to be telecast virtually and start this summer 2021! It will be available in most every major language spoken by you dear sailors. Topics such as Why it is reasonable to have faith in God's existence, his word, his moral standards, and love. Examine the wonders of the natural world, which can strengthen your faith in the Creator's promises. Listen at your own time and pace to those subjects!

The link is sent free to your text, email, or Whatsapp address and your information is not shared outside the harbor ministry group. Order your link now! noting you would like the link as soon as it becomes available. When you receive your link you can hear an encouraging spiritual discourse.

Due to covid-19 and to protect the safety of crews, all physical boarding or direct interactions with seafarers are terminated till further notice. To inquire about the special meeting or if you are in need of spiritual assistance online or through the phone leave us a text or voicemail message at 206-657-6012, or email us at Using Whatsapp, text 917-209-8950 and ask for Mark. Be sure to include the ship name or IMO and language you wish to be contacted with. We can offer a free bible study on a topic that concerns you to find answers through the scriptures.